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Fitness Philosophy Physical Therapy

At Fitness Philosophy, our goal is simple - we want to help you recover faster and keep you well. We differentiate ourselves from the competition through:

  • Clinical expertise
  • Superior customer service
  • Convenient appointment scheduling
  • A comprehensive approach to your health

At Fitness Philosophy, we see the value in combining multiple treatment methods to provide you a better experience, get you better faster, and keep you well. Our treatment programs are:

  • Natural
  • Non-invasive
  • Little or no side effects

You Deserve to Get Better Faster...Not a One-size Fits All Approach

Others often treat you with the same method regardless of your problem. Here at Fitness Philosophy, we feel that each person has their own specific needs. That is why we offer Woodland Hills the most comprehensive rehabilitation programs. Our services include:

Continuum of care from sickness to wellness and keeping you there

Once our physical therapy and wellness team have helped you recover from your pain and movement problems, we provide you with the expertise, motivation, convenience to stay well.

Take Your Golf Game to the Next Level with Fitness Philosophy

For golfers, we have a specialized program to help you not only avoid those nagging neck, back, shoulder, hip & knee problems but help you take your game to the next level. Almost all touring pros are involved in some sort of training program and you too can:

  • Decrease your risk of injury
  • Avoid the "back nine fatigue" and hit consistent golf shots
  • Improve your mobility and increase your distance
  • Enjoy the game more and win a few more "skins" from your opponents too

Pick up the phone and call us today at (818) 223-9985 and let us put you on a path to recovery and wellness.

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